The Whole Shebang: Now

From small bands of apes
who lost the safety of trees
we’ve fought our way into the light
until, by the turn of the 21st century
there are so many brightly lit cities
that our planet glows at night

Now we are in control
alarming but true
free to pursue any goal
what shall we do

Amid seismic economic shifts
climate change, religious rifts
and human numbers surging
a single global hive is emerging

What do we think of humanity
are we cruel or kind or nonchalant
as a species, as citizens and personally
what do we want

Now, the final sequence in The Whole Shebang
trawls through commerce, economics
politics, war, society and its rules
ecology, psychology, morality
and the lives of individuals

It explores patterns of human behavior
and human systems, on a quest
to discover what is true
and what is for the best


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