Paul Sand - World of the Wicked

World Of The Wicked

World Of The Wicked began life as a short story for my children, Sam (8) and Dandy (6). They sat either side as I read. At the end they said what happens next? I said it’s finished. They said it isn’t. I asked them what they thought came next. They told me.

So next week I wrote and read them another chapter. And so on. In this way the book got written. I never knew what was going to happen next, it depended on them.

World Of The Wicked is a rip-roaring yarn, set on the high seas, amid the sparkling Islands of Fortuna, where two young people meet just once, before they’re tossed into a world at war. It’s passionate, funny, a fast read.

Along the way we meet orphan Georgio, motherless Maria, Zanni the giant, King Carlo, the mysterious Servants of Jupiter, Pablo the silent boy, identical twins Alonso and Alonso, Utopia the beautiful healer, Wiffio of the powerful aroma, Sophia the confused maid, ancient Commander Rudolpho, Spotty Scarlotti and many more.

hear what some of the characters have to say about this book
“Sand’s a genius. I never thought I’d be in one of his books” Sophia the confused maid
“I sparkle in my role” Utopia the beautiful healer
“I think the same as him” identical twins Alonso and Alonso
“……..” Pablo the silent boy
“I auditioned for the part of Georgio, but got Wiffio. In real life I do not smell” Wiffio
“He wouldn’t even put me in a crowd sequence” Ivor Nasty-Habit
“I wish I could have been in a work of this quality” King Lear