The Whole Shebang: Cosmos

Once three distinct worlds were known
the inanimate world of rock and stone
living creatures that skip and hop
and wonderful clever us on top
sadly this egocentric view
is untrue

The inanimate world is not inanimate
electrons are spinning, planets revolving
and it isn’t just whirling, it’s changing
adapting, learning, evolving

What motivates it, fuels it
what makes everything whizz
whatever the answer is
it must have extraordinary properties

Science is practical, scrupulous
ever-evolving, never complete
sifting through each detail
until theory and practice meet

It cannot describe the big picture
without proof, it’s all just theory
yet, within the sciences
it is possible to see
what motivates the universe
and what its properties must be

Cosmos, part one of The Whole Shebang
searches through physics and chemistry
for its insights into the nature of reality


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