The Whole Shebang: Humans

“I’m a human being
and humans are the best
I’m proud to be a human
we’re better than the rest”

Science, religion, philosophy
have long proclaimed our superiority
even with Darwin we’re top of the tree

Galileo committed heresy 500 years ago
for saying Earth’s not the centre of the cosmic show
it took ages to accept this – what a crushing blow

A similar catastrophy occurred more recently
there’s no longer a definition for ‘biology’
and nothing, no substance or quality
to support human superiority

Dropping us in the melting pot
with every rock, plant, beast
from godlike to insignificant
disappointing to say the least

But not being gods has advantages
that we may not have suspected
it was lonely being superior
now at least we are connected

How are we connected
when we look, what do we find
part three of The Whole Shebang
charts a history of humankind


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