Paul Sand - All Summer's Long

All Summer Long

This collection contains one hundred and two
lyrics and poems, some old, some new
situations and stories, all of them true
my Dad wrote songs, so I write them too
about people, how we feel and what we do
pursuing the personal point of view

As, with a smile, we dance along
best foot forward, nothing wrong
our smile says we’re confident, happy, strong
while inside we sing a more intimate song
dip into the secret lives that throng
in the rhyming stories of All Summer Long

Idylls, romances, dirges and blues
people who win and others who lose
ditties and serenades, ballads and odes
the loving home where violence explodes
the life of an atom, a planet, a star
satires revealing how clever we are
requiems, lullabies, jingles, laments
brilliant insanity, dull common sense

Comedies, tragedies, success and defeat
chilling tales of betrayal and deceit
heart-wrenching stories of loss and despair
the magical glow of a love affair
tirades against the pitiless gods
heroic struggles against all odds
for me, All Summer Long
is the last half century in song