Paul Sand is a poet and handyman. He lives in Brighton, where he writes, composes and teaches.


If there’s anything you wish to express
discuss, debate, contribute, confess
email at this address

you can take a look at Facebook, or alight on
my teaching practice SingingLessonsBrighton

Artist John Hurford has done every illustration
the book covers and site pages are his creation
he certainly commands my adulation
the V & A have his early work for the nation
so now he’s posh
his paintings sell for loadsa dosh
and you’ll find it a sheer delight
to peruse his wonderful website


Coding genius Sam Pettit has created this site
his skills and his eye are a constant delight
he cares about detail and gets it just right
creating fine websites that are bespoke
for ecologists, artists & other such folk
great to work with, a really nice bloke
who gets where you’re coming from
does everything with great aplomb
for the finest coder in the kingdom
just contact