The Whole Shebang: Select Bibliography

Ideas: A History Peter Watson
The Fabric Of The Cosmos Brian Greene
Relativity: The Special and the General Theory Albert Einstein
Space-Time Structure and What Is Life Erwin Schrödinger
Collective Electrodynamics Carver Mead
Order Out Of Chaos and other works Ilya Prigogine
Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert Pirsig
Evolution Of The Solar System Hannes Alfvén
At Home In The Universe and Origins Of Order Stuart Kauffman
Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth James Lovelock
The Chemistry of Evolution Williams & da Silva
The Tree Of Knowledge Maturana & Varela
On The Origins Of Cells & other Royal Society papers Martin & Russell
The Tao Of Physics and The Web Of Life Fritjof Capra
Symbiotic Planet and other works Lynn Margulis
After The Ice, A Global Human History Steven Mithen
The Global Financial System 1750 – 2000 Larry Allen
When China Rules The World Martin Jacques
The Bridge at the Edge of the World James Gustave Speth
Occupy World Street Ross Jackson
The Psychology Of Genocide Steven K Baum
The Translator Daoud Hari
Hustling Is Not Stealing John Chernoff
Musicophilia Oliver Sacks
American Nomads, a documentary by Richard Grant
Emotional Health Bob Johnson
The Hero With A Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell

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