The Whole Shebang: Diary

Dad taught me to question, think everything through
find out what’s to know, take nothing as read
and consider all possible points of view
that’s what he said

But I spent my life writing songs and shows
as for science and the rest, well who knows
may have time when I’m old I suppose

One night I was out with the dogs in foul weather
in deep depression, at the end of my tether
and all those things I knew nothing about
I suddenly had to find out

Umpteen academic tomes later
decoding physics, quantum, tectonics
systems from genetics to economics
and after many epiphanies
where choirs sang and bells rang
my pen scrawled a non-fiction book in verse
The Whole Shebang

Sometime during those years I thought
if I’m looking into the nature of things I ought
to include what it feels like to exist, the personal view
I’d no idea, that traumatic year
what including a diary would put me through
when bad news came, I’d not just to deal with it
but to write it and examine it until I’d reel with it
then putting it into verse and all
made the book very personal


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