The Irish Suite (1974) was composed for a Guinness promo, around 1974

The Hi-Tones (1975) was my first band. It had various line-ups, including Martin Henning (bass), Ray James and Pete Keene (guitars). Jonny Gems and I were writing together at the time, although he wasn't in the band. His girlfriend, Georgie Born was. You can hear her singing and playing cello.

songs from the play Dead Fish (Edinburgh Festival 1976) by Pam Gems. Pam wrote the lyrics. I composed the music, performed by China Red, with Barb Jungr (vocals), Richard Sanders (keyboards), Bruce Douglas (bass) and Simon Saunders (drums).

Jigsaw (Edinburgh Festival 1976) a song cycle by me, performed by China Red, with Barb Jungr (vocals), Richard Sanders (keyboards), Bruce Douglas (bass) and Simon Saunders (drums).

Angels Descend On Paris (1980) by Noel Greig, directed by Nancy Diuguid for The Combination at The Albany Empire in Deptford, London. Lyrics by Noel, music by me.

songs from the play Pasionaria by Pam Gems. Pam wrote the words, I composed the music. The songs are sung by Debby Bishop.

Oz In Space (Half Moon Theatre 1981) Songs by Paul Sand. The cast included Caroline Embling, Fred Molina and Trevor Allen. Band: John Hinkes (guitar), Mark Doffman (drums), Richard Sanders (keyboards) and Bruce Douglas (bass).

The London Band with Denise Black (vocals), Micky Whelan (guitar), John O'Leary (bass), Richard Sanders and John Thomas (keyboards), Mark Doffman (drums).

Denise Black Twenty Songs with Denise Black (vocals), Paul Sand (piano). Songs by Paul Sand

The Nuclear Family This is a demo for my first opera, which never got produced. I can't remember who played the dad. Mary Thomas played the mum. I played the son and Denise Black the daughter-in-law. Everyone I knew played in the band. The piece follows a family preparing for nuclear attack and what happens.

Denise Black And The Kray Sisters featuring Josie Lawrence, Kate McKenzie and Denise Black, with Paul Sand at the piano. Songs by Paul Sand unless stated below. The album has 16 tracks, plus 5 tracks recorded years later.

Planet Reenie a one-woman show by Paul Sand, at the Soho Poly, London. Denise Black (vocals), Paul Sand (piano), Mark Doffman (percussion)

Loving Tongues A live show at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, with Denise Black And The Kray Sisters (Anna Palmer and Laura Davis), with Paul Sand at the piano.

1st draft Mad And Her Dad selections of studio recordings. 3 tracks

Mad And Her Dad Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, with Denise Black, Kate McKenzie, Conrad Nelson, Tim Hardy, and the Lyric String Quartet.

The Sand Band (2006) Denise Black (vocals), Paul Sand (vocals, violin, guitar, keyboards), Hedi Pinkerfeld (vocals, guitar, bass). Guests include: Patricia Calnan (violin), George Robertson (viola), Jane Tuff (clarinets and sax), Dandy Sanders sings on Eye To Eye.

Well, that's just some of the old stuff. I'll root out more recordings when there's time. Meanwhile we're mixing down and editing the film of a new show, Between The Wars.