I’m a writer of novels, of books in verse

of musicals, operas and worse

I’ve done it my whole life and don’t know why

the pen hits the paper and out they fly


There’s World Of The Wicked a comic affair

set amid the dazzling islands, where

Georgio and Maria meet once, before

they’re tossed into a world at war


The Andy Parvin Story is fun

a trip through swinging sixties London

where young folk, against their parents’ advice

are building a new hippy paradise


My dad wrote songs, so I write them too

about people, how they feel and what they do

hence the secret lives that throng

in the rhyming stories of All Summer Long


One day I awoke in bleak frustration

why the universe, why me, what’s going on

so I studied science till lights flashed in my head and bells rang

and my hand scrawled a nonfiction book in verse, The Whole Shebang


When the The Sand Of Music page is up, it will explode

with recordings of albums and shows to download


I’ve done many exciting things in my life, most of them rash

I’m always on the up and up until I crash

For an extensive survey of how I’ve managed not to do what it takes

visit the biog page My Life And Other Mistakes


Finally, there’s The Sandpaper, a monthly blog

keeping you abreast of world events and the health of my dog

Apart from that, there’s the Facebook page, you might like to see

and the Contacts page where …er… you can contact me

That’s all

Much love