The Whole Shebang

The_Whole_ShebangOne day I woke up and wanted to know

why people exist, why rivers flow

why things emerge and then they are gone

why planets, why stars – I mean what’s going on?

So I studied psychology, anthropology

chemistry, physics and biology

until lightbulbs went on in my head and bells rang

and my hand scrawled a nonfiction book in verse, The Whole Shebang


The Whole Shebang is a 364-page book, describing what we know about the universe and ourselves. At the very least, it’s highly informative, with a study of the physical world in part 1, a history of biological life in part 2, a history of humanity in part 3, while part 4 looks at the world at the start of the 21st century: given what we know, what next?


It is also a personal enquiry: If I put all this information together, what will I see? Warning: It is also in verse. Why? Because that’s how my mind clarifies ideas. Simple colloquial verse is my editing software (keep it short and to the point).


It is also, accidentally, a journal of one traumatic year, the last of four I spent, studying all this. I am eternally grateful to physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, genetics, economics and all the other perspectives, for providing me with a diversion, an absolute imperative during that difficult time. It saw me through.


The journey, both the learning and the living, is emotional and often, to keep myself sane, funny. There is another way of looking at The Whole Shebang, as a collection of hundreds of stories.


I hope you enjoy it.


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