This is the greatest page of all

cos it’s where you buy the books from Paul

a thought – why not download all four

and be happy forever more…


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Come be merry, come join the gang

downloading The Whole Shebang


The Whole Shebang is an enquiry

into the nature of reality

a quest through science and philosophy

to peer beyond the human mentality



There’s World Of The Wicked a comic affair

set amid the dazzling islands, where

Georgio and Maria meet once, before

they’re tossed into a world at war




The Andy Parvin Story is fun

a trip through swinging sixties London

where young folk, against their parents’ advice

are building a new hippy paradise




My dad wrote songs, so I write them too

about people, how they feel and what they do

hence the secret lives that throng

in the rhyming stories of All Summer Long